Inclusion Checklist: How Am I Representing The Wedding Industry?

We are all at different levels of learning when it comes to inclusion in the wedding industry. I honor and acknowledge that this process will look different for everyone. Maybe you're brand-new to the industry or maybe you've been doing this for over a decade.

Wherever you are at, it is always a good time to continue or start DOING THE WORK of being inclusive. Help give BIPOC and the queer communities a much-needed voice. The stories and voices of BIPOC & queer folx deserve to be heard and shared.

This checklist offers a few questions that you as a wedding vendor can ask yourself as you are planning content — Whether that content is marketing materials, styled shoots, or blog posts on your website. This checklist will help guide you in making decisions that allow you to intentionally bring in diverse vendors and more as you share your work with the world.